In a Nutshell

An introductory course for Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The first step to your journey in Digital Currency learning.


Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies, placed along with advanced and emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the internet of things, the industrial internet of things, fifth-generation wireless technologies, 3D printing, and fully autonomous vehicles. Blockchain or decentralised consensus is finding a wide range of applications, which is adding immense value and efficiency to business processes and in certain cases, changing the way of doing business entirely.
Popularly associated with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, in particular, it’s imperative that future managers understand this technology in its true strength and realise the wider range of use cases than just efficient payments solutions, which essentially is Digital Currency.
This ‘Introduction to Blockchain’ course has been designed to explain what the technology is and how it works at a functional as well as at an industrial application level. You will learn how the technology can be used to lend efficiency to business operations and processes using a decentralised consensus over a distributed ledger.

Comprising of four lectures, this course requires no previous knowledge of or experience with Blockchain.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand Blockchain technology, its purpose and advantages
  • To be able to explain the different components involved in Blockchain
  • To know when and why you may want to use Blockchain within your environment
  • To master Digital Currency and its working at a higher level
  • To understand the need to learn this technology, its development and deployment
  • To get an overview of the expected career scope in this area
  • To understand the importance of training for skill development for specific job profiles in the blockchain ecosystem




Total duration 4 hours

Days -2

Session Details

  • 1. Introduction of instructors
  • 2. Introduction of Academy
  • 3. How to reach us with your queries
  • 4. About the course
  • 5. Learning objectives and intended outcomes
  • 6. Feedback mechanism
  • 1. Introduction to Blockchain technology
  • 2. Global perspective of Blockchain technology – how it is relevant to the future of business
    • a. What is Industry 4.0?
    • b. What are the emerging techs included in Industry 4.0?
    • c. How is Blockchain technology relevant in the midst of each of these techs?
    • d. How has it been impacting businesses all around?
  • 3. What is Blockchain?
    • a. What is a ledger?
    • b. Why are ledgers important to human society?
    • c. Who keeps these ledgers?
    • d. Disputes and resolution process
    • e. Importance of trusted third parties in the process of how things are done today
  • 4. What Blockchain does?
    • a. Removes the need of the trusted third party through decentralisation
    • b. How are issues of Trust, Integrity and Privacy addressed
    • c. Benefits of decentralisation over centralised systems
    • d. Various types of decentralisation – Permissioned vs Permissionless
  • 5. Definition of Decentralised Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • 6. Examples of various types of DLT available
  • 1. How is a decentralised ledger created?
  • 2. Network: Peer-to-peer
  • 3. Validation of ledger entries
  • 4. How is security achieved – Introduction to cryptography
  • 5. Hash Functions – How they are used?
  • 6. Consensus Protocols – Types and purpose
  • 7. Proof-of-work
  • 8. Block creation and miners
  • 1. Advantages of DLT
  • 2. How can this add efficiency to any process?
  • 3. Industries that could be disrupted by Blockchain technology and how
  • 4. What are the kinds of probable jobs in the Blockchain ecosystem?
  • 5. What are the skills required to target such job profiles?

Fee Structure

RS. 499/- ONLY

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