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  1. All references to “the Company/ Exchange”, shall means Digitx / Digital Techlab Private Limited.
  2. “USER or USERS”, shall mean registered clients of Digitx, trading on the Exchange Platform either directly or through registered Trading Member or Trading cum Clearing Member of the Exchange.
  3. “Wallets” shall mean either the User’s Wallets with the Exchange or the User’s Wallet with third party Payment Gateway.
  4. The Users are entitled to claim from the Exchange, pay-outs due to them resulting from the transactions carried out on the Exchange Platform. Apart from the pay-outs, the user is NOTentitled to any refund of any amounts or cancellation of any order successfully executed by the User on the Exchange Platform.
  5. Users desirous of trading in F&O shall pay Margin Money as may be specified from time to time to avail the desired limits in respect of traded currencies, directly to the account of the Exchange and under no circumstances such amounts paid to the Exchange are refundable.
  6. All transactions carried out through User’s Wallet with the third party Payment Gate shall be only be Indian Rupees (INR).
  7. Upon successful execution of “Buy Order(s)”, placed by the User, either in part or in full, the corresponding sale consideration is immediately transferred to the account of the counter party on the Exchange Platform and these transactions can neither be cancelled nor the related consideration amounts be withdrawn.
  8. The User has an option to withdraw either in part or in full, the amounts lying in the User’s Wallet with the Exchange, either in Crypto or INR. However, such withdrawal of Crypto Currencies will be subject to the withdrawal limits prescribed from time to time and detailed on the Website and the Mobile Apps of the Exchange. Users understands that there are no such restrictions while withdrawing Indian currencies from the User’s Wallet with the Exchange.
  9. Exchange is entitled to retain / deduct such amounts due and payable by the Users to the Exchange in respect of the transaction(s) executed by the User on the Exchange Platform and refund or transfer of the balance if any, lying in the User’s account with the Exchange. All such transfers or refunds by the Exchange to the Users are subject to the directions (if any) of the Authorities or the Law Enforcement Agencies under the existing and applicable laws.
  10. User understands and accepts that the purchases of any Cryptocurrency on the Exchange Platform shall only be in such currencies as permitted and detailed on the Exchange Platform and the Users authorizes the Exchange to deduct such amounts due and payable to the exchange including the contract value of such purchases from the User’s Wallet with the Exchange.
  11. Similarly, all “Sell Order(s)”, of any cryptocurrencies by the User shall only be in such currencies as permitted and specified on the Exchange Platform and the respective sale consideration net of taxes and other applicable charges and deductions shall be credited to the User’s wallet, within such timelines as specified by the Exchange.
  12. Apart from suspending / freezing the User’s Account with the Exchange, the User understands and accepts that the User will NOT be entitled to claim refund of the amounts lying in User’s Wallet, in any of the following circumstances:
    1. User fails to provide DigitX with the required details or information or documents as called for from time to time by DigitX,
    2. It is suspected that the User has, or is, engaged in, or has in any way been involved in any fraudulent or illegal activity, any money laundering, any terrorist financing, or any unlawful activities or breach of any laws in any jurisdiction.
    3. Decision of the Exchange in this regard shall be final and binging on the Users.
  13. This policy shall be in addition to and not in derogation of other terms and conditions relating to the account of the USER and/or the respective product or the services provided by the Exchange.

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Document Type Refund/Cancellation Policy
Document Owner Digital Techlab Private Ltd
Policy Adoption  Date 15th January 2021
Review Frequency Annually
Document Controller Legal & Compliance
Version Version-I/January 2021

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